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Deformation Tracking

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The deformation tracking project has its focus on the reconstruction of flexible objects from depth and color videos. The Analysis by Synthesis (AbS) method developed in this project is able to meet the different requirements of various applications by its modular approach.










The applications range from real-time tracking of partly occluded objects and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to grasp evaluation for robots and material parameter estimation based on the visible deflection. An exemplary application of this project is shown in the following video.

Flexpad: Highly Flexible Bending Interactions for Projected Handheld Displays

Project Partners

Rekonstruktion komplexer Deformationen in 3D Szenen aus Bild- und Tiefendaten
(Reconstruction of complex deformations in 3D scenes from image and depth data)
supported by DFG – German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)