Multimedia Information Processing Group

Inf-CV: Image-based 3D Scene Reconstruction


The students learn to handle entities of projective geometry and image-based geometric transformations and implement these in the context of image-based 3-D scene reconstruction. Programming exercises are solved with the help of MATLAB and simple C++ examples in a dedicated framework. The following topics are discussed:

  • Image sequence correspondence analysis
  • Basics of projective geometry
  • Homographies and panoramic images from rotating cameras
  • Multi-view geometry from a moving camera
  • Epipolar geometry and depth estimation
  • Camera tracking and pose estimation
  • Application in the field of augmented reality and image-based modeling
All lecture slides and course material will be in English. The lecture will be held in English if at least one student does not speak German. Otherwise the course students may choose to have the lecture language either in German or in English.



Basic mathematical knowledge from Bachelor courses in linear algebra, 3-D geometry and solving of linear equations. Basic knowledge in image processing, like the Bachelor lecture InfEinfBV (Introduction to Image Processing) is useful but not necessary.

Recommended literature

Literature: Szeliski, Rick: Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications. Springer 12010. Elektronische Version: Hartley, Zissermann: Multiple View Geometry, Cambridge 2003. Schreer: Stereoanalyse und Bildsynthese, Springer 2004

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