Basic Image AlgorithmS Library  2.8.0
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Introduction and Overview to BIAS

The Basic Image AlgorithmS C++ Library is the base for research at the Multimedia Information Processing Group at Kiel University, Germany.

This software is provided for free (LGPL), for details refer to the license conditions. BIAS is a set of C++ classes useful for real-time image processing and filtering, estimation of image- and camera-related quantities and geometric entities. Just to give you some keywords:

In Kiel BIAS is used as a base library for pose estimation, augmented reality, scene reconstruction, multi-view stereo, image-based rendering, camera-based car driver assistance and much more. A good way to start and to get an overview of what kind of classes BIAS provides is to have a look at the Modules section. You should also read the chapters from the main page.

Mailing List and Nightlybuild

There is a mailing list (, where you can make suggestions, comments, ask questions or indicate new features of BIAS. Write to "bias" (instead of "DUMMY" in the above) if you want to publish something on the list. To subscribe, send a mail containing "subscribe" (without quotation marks) to "bias-request" (instead of "DUMMY"). To keep the library working, a nightlybuild is performed every night and any errors are reported to the BIAS mailing list. The nightly snapshots can be downloaded from our webserver.


CMake is used to build the library under linux or windows. As a quick start under linux, download and extract a tar.gz version of BIAS, then type in the BIAS main directory:

cmake .

Please read the installation/build section for further information, where you can also find a list of several (optional/mandatory) external packages.