Basic Image AlgorithmS Library  2.8.0
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Concepts and Ideas

Directory- and Library-Hierarchy

The bias library is currently divided into a number of sublibraries. Each is compiled from the files in separate subdirectories. These sublibraries can be clustered into two main categories, the

Building one big "" is deprecated. Please add dependencies to the individual libraries you really need, instead. You can emulate the behavior of LIBBIAS adding dependencies to all BIAS libraries. They are stored in BIAS_LIBRARIES if you use CMake and BIAS' find script.

Base Libraries

All base libraries reside in the common subdirectory Base. Currently 5 diferent base libraries exist, namely

Other Libraries:

All libaries not belonging to the base libraries are located in directory directly in the toplevel directory. Currently

The separation into math and geometry seems somewhat strange at first glance, but has some important advantages:


Templates are used to minimize the implementation overhead while at the same time providing a wider range of available specializations.

C-Style Functions / Static Functions

Debug Levels


Efficiency is the first priority on which the design of the BIAS libraries is based:


Operators do not belong to classes, because

Tools and Utils

What is the difference between tools and utils?


The aim for the future is that all basic data containing classes are able to write and read their data from and to a file. The data file format is set to XML.