Basic Image AlgorithmS Library  2.8.0
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Major modifications and improvements are listed in the file BIAS/CHANGELOG:

Changelog for BIAS

* Now using a new version of Minpack to be threadsafe which allows 
  parallel execution.   
* Added Videosource for the KINECT Camera.
* Removed deprecated support of GTK/GTK2 Gui.
* Added serial port interface in BIAS/Utils to communicate with external 
  devices such as RFID readers or PanTilt Units.
* Added SparseMatrix with UMFPack to increase computation speed for sparse matrices.   

BIAS 2.8.0 (2010-06-08)
* Added GLviewer with OpenSceneGraph support to render 3D models and user 
  generated content in onscreen and offscreen contexts. Also supports 
  distortion rendering and uses the BIAS::ProjectionParameter interface.
* OpenGLFramework introduced for image processing with GPU shaders.
* OpenGLFramework contains examples, and has improved useabilty through 
  abstractions found in OpenGLFramework/SpecializedBatches and 

BIAS 2.7.0 (2008-06-24)
* OpenMP support
* Weak implementation in PlanarRectification improved. Now better supports 
  different intrinsics.
* Image/Examples/ExampleRectification.cpp removed from build. 
  Advanced to Tools/biasrectify.cpp

BIAS 2.6.1 (2008-03-04)

* Added support for SwissRanger camera.
* Extended ProjectionParameters interface.
* Added new ImageBlender class.
* Introduced generic alignment.

BIAS 2.5 (2007-08-02)

Removed RectificationUtils and examples using it.
Removed build option for GTK 1.0
Introduced PlanarRectification on base of RectificationViaProjectionMapping
    as heuristic implementation.
Added support for reading BBC/OGEM spherical camera data.
BackwardMapping: Fast lookup table implementation, super sampling support.
ProjectionParametersSpherical can be parameterized for projection OR unprojection.
Added uncertainty transformations: Monte Carlo, Unscented Transform.
KLT redesign: local filtering, affine brightness invariance, TT_Similar.
Added great circle projection parameters.
Added cylindrical projection parameters.
Added RectificationBase class and specializations (near future replacement
    for RectificationUtils).
Added TriangleMesh for dense depth map convert to 3D representation.
Added tools for camera calibration.

BIAS 2.4.2 (2006-07-26)

Switch from WXWINDOWS->wxWidgets with rewritten find script.
Added Projection->Load().
Increased precision in vector/matrix writing.
Added tool biasproject to convert an image into any other projection type.

BIAS 2.4.1 (2006-06-23)

Missing files in "make dist" added.

BIAS 2.4 (2006-06-21)

Fixed error in copy constructor of ROI.
Added loading of Mathematica Real32 images (32 bit float).
Added projection concept as a generalisation of PMatrix:
  - Support for fisheye camera and radial distortion.
Added vector transformation classes and pose, pose parametrisation.
Added Unscented Transform for covariance propagation.
Added generic VideoSource (dcam, disc, shared memory, ...)
Compile as Windows DLL, tested with MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 (7.1)
Compile with MSVS 2005 (8.0)
Configure with cmake 2.4.2
Compiles with gcc 4.1

BIAS 2.3

Added tool biasshowepiwx to evaluate epipolar geometry.
OpenCV support added:
  - Bias2Ipl: Wrapper to use BIAS images with OpenCV algorithms.
  - Drawing text into images added.
  - Added support to read+write many more file formats, e.g.:
  - OpenEXR .exr including load+save of 8,16,32 bit per pixel.
  - PNM with 16 bit support using ImageMagick (PBM,PGM,PNM 1/8/16 bit).
  - DevIL support including load+save of DDS formats (DirectDraw surface).
  - FF_auto added, the ideal format is determined by filename extension.
  - ExportImage can determine FileType by filename (on FF_auto).
OpenGLCanvas and ImageCanvasGL implementations new in Gui:
  - Nvidia consumer stereo interface StereoI added.
BackwardMapping and derived rectification/warping/transformation classes 
    handle image resampling in unified way (supports software anti-aliasing).
ImageBase::StealImage bug fixed which deleted metadata.
Separated HMatrix/HMatrixEstimation and added affine estimation.

BIAS 2.2 (2005-07-15)

Removed fortran minpack (now only c version).
Added tool biasprojection, enhanced biasshowepi and biasmerge.
Added filters: Median and GradientSimple, fixed: Label(CCA).
Added covariance to PMatrix.
Clean-up of "using namespace" in headers.
Added affine KLT.

BIAS 2.1 (2005-03-16)

Added support for reading BBC free-d data.
Fixed color model bug in ImageBase::operator=(ImageBase).
Clean-up of camera meta data.
Bicubic interpolation in images.
Planar patches in 3D scenes (VRML/GL).
Extended HomgPlane3D.
Added 2D Fast Fourier Transformation.

BIAS 2.0 (2004-12-30)

KLT tracker is working.

BIAS 2.0 RC1 (2004-12-22)

After many changes this version indicates an API/feature freeze. May
be not all bugs are fixed, but until version 2.0 no new features are
added. Major changes:
 - changed build system to CMake
 - New supported platform: Win32 
 - reimplementation of Filter (after intermediate Filter2 phase)
 - added documentation
The KLT tracker implementation is still (partially) untested and may not be 

BIAS 1.5 (2004-x-y) 

First "official release".