Basic Image AlgorithmS Library  2.8.0
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Standalone tools for filtering, converting, displaying and other tasks. More...

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file  biasadd.cpp
 Tool for adding two images pixelwise, see biasadd.cpp.
file  biasaddchannel.cpp
 tool for combining images channel-wise, see biasaddchannel.cpp
file  biasapplybayer.cpp
 converts various Bayer pattern images to RGB images, see biasapplybayer.cpp
file  biasaverage.cpp
 load images given by the command line and compute mean value for each pixel, see biasaverage.cpp
file  biasbayer2rgb.cpp
 convert a (hdr) bayer image to unsigned char rgb, see biasbayer2rgb.cpp
file  biascalibratecamera.cpp
 The program reads the images from disk,detects chessboard of given known dimension, and computes internal calibration parameters (and extrinsics for this purpose, too), see biascalibratecamera.cpp.
file  biasClickImageCornersWx.cpp
 The tool allows to click corners/point in image and saves them on demand to a file, see biasClickImageCornersWx.cpp.
file  biasconvert.cpp
 Convert input image format to output image format, see biasconvert.cpp.
file  biasConvertMDtimestamps.cpp
 Convert input image format to output image format preserving timestamps see biasConvertMDtimestamps.cpp.
file  biascornermatcher.cpp
 Match KLT corners, see biascornermatcher.cpp.
file  biasdepthwarp.cpp
 Example for using the PMDWarp class. This example creates a glfPBuffer and warps a depth map into the perspective of another camera using meshing on the GPU see biasdepthwarp.cpp.
file  biasdiff.cpp
 tool for computing intensity difference of images, see biasdiff.cpp
file  biasdiv.cpp
 tool for computing pixelwise division of two images, see biasdiv.cpp
file  biasextract.cpp
 extract header data from image files: uid, time stamp orientation, KMatrix from EXIF data, see biasextract.cpp
file  biasextractchannel.cpp
 New one channel image from selected channel of a multichannel image, see biasextractchannel.cpp.
file  biasextractcheckerboard.cpp
 The tool tries to find checkerboards in the input images finds corners also in fisheye distorted images andwrites these to the Matlab file 'Filename.m', see biasextractcheckerboard.cpp.
file  biasextractcheckerboardWX.cpp
 The tool tries to find checkerboards in the input images and writes these to the Matlab file 'Filename.m', additionally it offers the posssibility to select them manually, see biasextractcheckerboardWX.cpp.
file  biasfilter.cpp
 Tool to filter an image with Mean, Gauss, Median or rescale, see biasfilter.cpp.
file  biasgetpmddata.cpp
 program for calculating pmd data from source images with pmd source descriptor as meta data, see biasgetpmddata.cpp
file  biasGLviewerGLUT.hh
 BIAS OpenGLRendering Tool. Simple viewer for 3D models, executable biasOpenGLviewerGlut executable: biasOpenGLviewerGlut see biasGLviewerGLUT.hh biasGLviewerGLUT.cpp.
file  biasGLviewerWx.hh
 Tool for displaying 3D models using WxWidgets executable: biasOpenGLviewerWx, see biasGLviewerWx.hh biasGLviewerWx.cpp.
file  biasGPUFilter.cpp
 Tool to filter an image with Mean, Gauss or Median, see biasGPUFilter.cpp.
file  biashistogram.cpp
 Detects a color histogram and writes to file hist.txt, see biashistogram.cpp.
file  biasimagepackage.cpp
 Unpacks image packages written by ShowCamWx, see biasimagepackage.cpp.
file  biasinsert.cpp
 program for inserting an image into another, see biasinsert.cpp
file  biasjoinimages.cpp
 Joins up to 4 images for video production.
file  biasmerge.cpp
 Merge a projection matrix and an image and write header data to image.
file  biaspmatrix2projection.cpp
 Convert PMatrix to BIAS::Projection, see biaspmatrix2projection.cpp.
file  biasproject.cpp
 rotate/rectify/reproject images to (rotated) images (of different camera type), see biasproject.cpp
file  biasprojection.cpp
 read images and pmatrices, projects 3d points and cuts out region, see biasprojection.cpp
file  biasrectify.cpp
 Tool for rectifying images, see biasrectify.cpp.
file  biasrescale.cpp
 rescales images by given ratio (including projection parameters), see biasrescale.cpp
file  biasrgb2luv.cpp
 convert a rgb image into float luv color space image, see biasrgb2luv.cpp
file  biasscaleshiftimage.cpp
 scales and shifts image values in given range, see biasscaleshiftimage.cpp
file  biassetprojection.cpp
 load image and projection given by the command line, set projection in image and save image to disk, see biassetprojection.cpp
file  biassetrefuuid.cpp
 loads two images and sets UUID from second image to first image, if only one image is given, the UUID is printed to the command line, see biassetrefuuid.cpp
file  biassetuid.cpp
 load image given by the command line, assign a uuid and write back to disk, see biassetuid.cpp
file  biasshowepiwx.cpp
 show epipolar lines for image pair (WX Version), see biasshowepiwx.cpp
file  biastimeit.cpp
 Helper to emulate the Unix "time" command on WIN32 platforms, Measure the duration of the execution of a command=timean application run, You may want to use TimeThis.exe from MS Resource Kit, see biastimeit.cpp.
file  biastofdepthundist.cpp
 Undistorts the depth map in the sense of ToF-camera depth distortion, without touching the lens distortion, see biastofdepthundist.cpp.
file  biastrianglemesh.cpp
 generate triangle mesh from depth map, see biastrianglemesh.cpp
file  biasVrmlOutCameraGeometry.cpp
 takes a texture list, a projection list and an output filename and creates a vrml named with output filename with the cameras drawn, the textures as images in the camera pyramids, see biasVrmlOutCameraGeometry.cpp
file  BVWXApp.hh
 Tool for displaying images (WX version) executable: biasviewwx, see BVWXApp.hh BVWXApp.cpp BVWXMainFrame.hh BVWXMainFrame.cpp.
file  ShowCamWxApp.hh
 Gui application for image grabbing and from various cameras, supports ieee1394 (firewire), IDS ueye, V4L and ToF-cameras (PMDTec and Mesa) executable: biasShowCamWx, see ShowCamWxApp.hh ShowCamWxApp.cpp ShowCamWxFrame.hh ShowCamWxFrame.cpp.

Detailed Description

Standalone tools for filtering, converting, displaying and other tasks.

These are besides the examples valueable sources for example code and valueable tools to quickly edit or transform images. Executing a tool with –help tells you about the parameters and functionality.