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BIAS::TFTensorEstimation Class Reference

class TFTensorEstimation More...

#include <Geometry/TFTensorEstimation.hh>

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Public Member Functions

int Compute (BIAS::TrifocalTensor &T, const std::vector< BIAS::HomgPoint2D > &x1, const std::vector< BIAS::HomgPoint2D > &x2, const std::vector< BIAS::HomgPoint2D > &x3, bool HartleyNormalization=true)
 Estimate a trifocal tensor given correnspondences over three images. More...
 TFTensorEstimation ()
 ~TFTensorEstimation ()

Protected Member Functions

int AlgebraicMinimization (BIAS::TrifocalTensor &Initial, BIAS::TrifocalTensor &Result)

Protected Attributes

BIAS::Normalization Norm_

Detailed Description

class TFTensorEstimation

compute a trifocal tensor from image correspondences, not robust against outliers

Matthias Dunda

Definition at line 44 of file TFTensorEstimation.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TFTensorEstimation::TFTensorEstimation ( )

Definition at line 16 of file TFTensorEstimation.cpp.

TFTensorEstimation::~TFTensorEstimation ( )

Definition at line 21 of file TFTensorEstimation.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

int TFTensorEstimation::AlgebraicMinimization ( BIAS::TrifocalTensor Initial,
BIAS::TrifocalTensor Result 

Definition at line 390 of file TFTensorEstimation.cpp.

int TFTensorEstimation::Compute ( BIAS::TrifocalTensor T,
const std::vector< BIAS::HomgPoint2D > &  x1,
const std::vector< BIAS::HomgPoint2D > &  x2,
const std::vector< BIAS::HomgPoint2D > &  x3,
bool  HartleyNormalization = true 

Estimate a trifocal tensor given correnspondences over three images.

HartleyNormalizationnormalizes correspondences for each view according to Hartley
!=0 on error
Matthias Dunda 01/2004

Definition at line 24 of file TFTensorEstimation.cpp.

References BIAS::SVD::GetNullvector(), BIAS::SVD::GetVT(), BIAS::KMatrix::Invert(), BIAS::SVD::LeftNullspaceDim(), TNT::Matrix< T >::num_cols(), BIAS::Tensor3D3x3x3< T >::postmultiply1(), BIAS::Tensor3D3x3x3< T >::premultiply3(), BIAS::SVD::RightNullspaceDim(), and BIAS::Tensor3D< T >::SetFromVector().

Member Data Documentation

BIAS::Normalization BIAS::TFTensorEstimation::Norm_

Definition at line 62 of file TFTensorEstimation.hh.

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