Basic Image AlgorithmS Library  2.8.0
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oImageEverything BIAS lets you do with images
|oImage and Image BaseImageBase and Image provide the data structure for all functions dealing with images
|oImageIO and ConversionsImage input and output and color space conversions
|oDrawingClasses for drawing simple entities into the image like rectangles or lines and other simple utility routines
|\PyramidImage, Camera, HistogramSpecialized class derived from image or with similar semantics
oVideoClasses for Video handling
|oVideoSource classesVideoSource classes, for obtaining video from devices
|oVideoSink classesVideoSink classes, for writing video
|\VideoTransmission classesVideoTransmission classes, for transmission of video over network
oMathematicsBasic Mathematical classes
|oMatrix and Vector ClassesMatrix and vector types
|oAlgorithmsAlgorithms that solve Equation Systems or compute Singular values
|oGeometry and TransformationsClasses related to geometric Transformations and Projective Geometry
|oEstimationClasses for estimating projective entities from points or correspondences
|\State EstimationClasses for estimating states of sytems such as Kalman Filters or Bayesian State Estimation and Condensation
oUtilitiesUseful clases for debugging, profiling or comand line parameters etc
oImage AlgorithmsAll kind of algorithms working on image data
|oImage Filters and Image TransformationsImage filters, which produce an output image given an input image based on local operations, and image transformations, e.g
|oAlgorithms for Correspondence ProblemsNCC, KLT, SAD, etc
|oFeature DetectorsCorner Detectors, Edge Detectors, ..
|\Feature TrackerImage correspondence calculation
oNetwork CommunicationNetwork communication classes
oGraphical User InterfacesVarious classes which provide visualization with windows and mouse or keyboard callbacks see Utils
oOpenGL renderingClasses which provide rendering capabilities
|oOpenGL shader frameworkClasses which support GPU processing with cggl shaders
|\OpenGL rendering and viewingClasses which provide rendering capabilities
oToolsStandalone tools for filtering, converting, displaying and other tasks
oExamplesExamples for class usage
oTestsUnit tests for software stability
\ImageGenerationCreates images showing the 2D matches for all cameras