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The Basic Image AlgorithmS C++ Library is the base for research at the Multimedia Information Processing Group at Kiel University, Germany, featuring image processing related algorithms, e.g. A good way to start and to get an overview what kind of classes BIAS provides is to have a look at the Modules section.

There is a mailing list (, where you can make suggestions, comments, ask questions or indicate new features of BIAS. To subscribe, send a mail containing "subscribe" (without quotation marks) to "bias-request" (instead of "DUMMY"). For spam protection reasons, you have to be subscribed to post to the list. Write to "bias" (instead of "DUMMY" in the above) if you want to publish something on the list. To keep the library working, a nightlybuild is performed every night using the CMake and Dart dashboard software systemi.

BIAS is using and recommending the CMake build system. So the users has choice of his favor development environment and native build tool including
while maintaining the build system on a higher abstraction level in a platform independant manner. Please read the file BIAS/INSTALL (or here) for further information.
The BIAS library is currently developed, built and used with Linux and Windows on PC platforms. It is best tested with
BIAS uses several external library packages, most of them can optionally be disabled to minimize external dependencies. See BIAS/DEPENDENCIES (or here) for further information on mandatory/optional packages.


Download (see changelog for a history of modifications in BIAS)

Bazaar (bzr) nightly snapshots (unstable and unsupported)

Quick linux usage instructions for Bazaar snapshots:
  1. Join bias mailing list (see above)
  2. Install necessary programs and libraries, e.g. cmake, blas, lapack, libxml2, imlib, ...
  3. tar xzvf BIAS-bzr-*.tar.gz
  4. cd BIAS-bzr-*
  5. Read the INSTALL file
  6. cmake .
  7. make doc
  8. firefox file:${PWD}/Doc/html/index.html
  9. Read documentation, in particular the points 'Concept and Ideas' and 'Build System'