Multimedia Information Processing Group

3D Picture


This project is funded by the BMWi within the InnoNet program.


The goal of this project is to manufacture large-scale premium class 3D pictures which can be viewed without visual aids, like e. g. polarized eyeglasses. Therefore it is necessary to establish and refine the individual production steps that are needed for industrial production.


The 3D picture can be thought of as an array of very small slide projectors. In front of the light source is a developed film, exposed with the picture, similar to a reversal film. This picture has a size of 256x256 pixels adding up to a total of 65,536 pixels. On top is a lens system with a diameter of 2 mm to reduce aberration.
These "small projectors" are packed very tight resulting in about 250,000 lens systems per square meter. Depending on the vantage point every lens shows a pixel from the underlying film yielding the overall picture that can be seen. A slightly different vantage point will therefore result in a different picture. This dense light field grants stereo vision in a natural way.


Main tasks of the CAU, among other duties, are:

  • simulation of the 3D picture for one person
  • reconstruction of the light field, sampled by calibrated cameras, for rigid scenes
  • reconstruction of the light field, sampled by uncalibrated video cameras, for rigid scenes
  • development of a renderer to deliver the pictures needed for the film exposition

Project partners

Research partners:

  • Fraunhofer IPM
  • Fraunhofer IPT

Industry partners:

  • RealEyes GmbH
  • AutoPan GmbH & Co
  • Euromediahouse GmbH
  • Meuser Optik GmbH
  • Kleinhempel Ink-Jet-Center GmbH

Associate partners:

  • Viaoptic GmbH
  • Soul Pix