Multimedia Information Processing Group

  • Simulation of Plenoptic Cameras

    In order to create ground truth data for algorithms working on plenoptic camera data, we built a model of a reconfigurable plenoptic camera for Blender. Contrary to other simulations, our model does not heavily simplify the optical system, but contains an objective as well as a microlens array and therefore shows correct image degradation effects.

    Plenoptic Simulation

    The .blend file and configuration instructions are available in this GitHub repository and the corresponding Wiki.

    Contact/Maintainer: Arne Petersen, Tim Michels

  • Multi Camera Calibration

    Since we often face the problem of calibrating setups containing multiple cameras with different properties, we built an easy-to-use calibration tool based on the detection of ChArUco boards, a combination of traditional checkerboards and ArUco markers. These markers allow the calibration boards to be partly occluded and accordingly the pattern can also be recognized if it is only partly located within a camera's field of view.

    Calibration Tool

    The tool as well as instructions on the usage can be found in this GitLab repository and its Wiki.

    Contact/Maintainer: Tim Michels

  • Batch File Renamer

    When dealing with a large number of files, e.g. images captured with our light field rig, the renaming process for adjusting the filenames according to the requirements of some MatLab or Github toolbox can be time-consuming. To simplify this process, we built a small tool which uses a tag/delimiter system to analyze and rename files.

    Renamer Tool

    The tool as well as instructions on the usage can be found in this GitLab repository.

    Contact/Maintainer: Tim Michels