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Inf-CV: Image-based 3D Scene Reconstruction (Inf-CV)


The students learn to handle entities of projective geometry and image-based geometric transformations and implement these in the context of image-based 3-D scene reconstruction. Programming exercises are solved with the help of OCTAVE/MATLAB. The following topics are discussed: Image sequence correspondence analysis Basics of projective geometry Homographies and panoramic images from rotating cameras Multi-view geometry from a moving camera Epipolar geometry and depth estimation Camera tracking and pose estimation Application in the field of image-based modeling, object tracking and underwater vision (GEOMAR)




Mathematical knowledge from Bachelor courses in linear algebra, 3-D geometry and solving of linear equations. Basic knowledge in image processing, like the Bachelor lecture InfEinfBV (Introduction to Image Processing) is requested. IMPORTANT: Due to the Corona Crisis, the course will be held as online course with weekly lecture videos and slides applying the flipped classroom concept. Each week, the lecture material (videos, slides) of the previous week will be discussed in interactive zoom meetings. It is expected that the students actively participate in the weekly discussions. Please be prepared to switch on your camera and microphone during the discussions. For the exercise, weekly homework is handed out and solved in teams of 2. During the weekly interactive ZOOM exercise sessions, active participation of the students is expected. Each team should present homework solutions at least once to be accepted to the exams. All materials like course videos, lecture notes and excercises will be handled by OLAT. You are requested to register in OLAT and StudiDB. 1. Please register for this course at StudiDB 2. Please register for course materials at OLAT, Course Inf-CV: Image-based 3D Scene Reconstruction SS21 (080102)

Recommended literature

Literature: Szeliski, Rick: Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications. Springer 12010. Elektronische Version: Hartley, Zissermann: Multiple View Geometry, Cambridge 2003. Schreer: Stereoanalyse und Bildsynthese, Springer 2004

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