Multimedia Information Processing Group

Dr.-Ing. Jan-Friso Evers-Senne


All my publications can be found here, too: Publications of Jan-Friso Evers-Senne.


Jan-Friso Evers-Senne, Andreas Niemann and Reinhard Koch:
Visual Reconstruction using Geometry Guided Photo Consistency
Proceedings of VMV 06, November 2006, Aachen, Germany


Jan-Friso Evers-Senne,Ingo Schiller, Arne Petersen, and Reinhard Koch:
A Mobile Augmented Reality System with Distributed Tracking
Proceedingsof 3DPVT ,June 2006, Chapel Hill, NC, USA




Reinhard Koch and Jan-Friso Evers-Senne:
View Synthesis and Rendering Methods.
In: O. Schreer, P. Kauff, T. Sikora (Eds.), 3D Video Communication - Algorithms, concepts and real-time systems in human-centered communication.
pp.1561-174. Wiley 2005, ISBN-13 987-0-470-02271-9.


Birger Streckel, Jan-Friso Evers-Senne and Reinhard Koch:
"Lens Model Selection for a Markerless AR Tracking System".
ISMAR 2005, Vienna, Austria, 2005.


Jan-Friso Evers-Senne, Reinhard Koch:
"Image-based rendering of complex scenes from a multi-camera rig",
IEE Proceedings Vision, Image & Signal Processing, Volume 152, Number 4, August 2005.


Reinhard Koch, Kevin Koeser, Birger Streckel, Jan-Friso Evers-Senne:
Markerless Image-based 3D Tracking for Real-time Augmented Reality Applications.
WIAMIS 2005, Montreux, Switzerland, April 13-15 2005.


Reinhard Koch, Jan-Friso Evers-Senne,?Jan-Michael Frahm, Kevin Koeser :
3D Reconstruction and Rendering from Image Sequences.
WIAMIS 2005, Montreux, Switzerland, April 13-15 2005.




Jan-Friso Evers-Senne , Jan Woetzel and Reinhard Koch:
Modelling and Rendering of Complex Scenes with a Multi-Camera Rig .
1st European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP 2004), London, United Kingdom, March 2004.
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Jan-Friso Evers-Senne, Reinhard Koch:
Image Based Rendering from Handheld Cameras using Quad Primitives.
VMV 2003, Munich, Germany November 2003.


Jan-MichaelFrahm,Jan-Friso ?Evers-Senne , and Reinhard Koch:
Distributed Interaction Processing and Visualization of 3D Scenes in Realtime.
3rd, International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis, Rome, Italy, Sept. 2003.


Jan-Friso Evers-Senne , Reinhard Koch:
Image Based Interactive Rendering with View Dependent Geometry.
Eurographics 2003, Granada, Spain, September 2003.


Oliver Grau, Reinhard Koch, Fabio Lavagetto, M. Milne, E. Murphy, M. Price, O. Razzoli, Augusto Sarti, L. Spallarossa, Stefano Tubaro, Jan Woetzel:
New production tools for the planning and the on-set visualization of virtual and real scenes.
Research and Development British Broadcasting Corporation, RD White Paper WHP 073
Originally published in Conference Publication of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2003), Amsterdam, Sept. 2003.


Jan-Friso Evers-Senne , Reinhard Koch:
Interactive Rendering with View-dependent Geometry and Texture.
SIGGRAPH 2003, Sketches and Applications San Diego, California, USA, July 2003.




Jan-Friso Evers-Senne,Jan-MichaelFrahm,Jan-Felix Woelk, Jan Woetzel, Reinhard Koch:
Distributed Realtime Interaction and Visualisation System.
7th International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization (VMV 2002), Erlangen, Germany, Nov. 2002.


Reinhard Koch, Jan-MichaelFrahm,Jan-Friso Evers-Senne , Jan Woetzel:
Plenoptic Modeling of 3D scenes with a Sensor-augmented Multi-Camera Rig.
2002 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communication (IWDC 2002), Capri, Italy, Sept. 2002.


Jan-Michael Frahm, Jan-Friso Evers-Senne , and Reinhard Koch:
Network Protocol for Interaction and Scalable Distributed Visualization.
1st International Symposium on 3D Data Processing Visualization Transmission, Padova, Italy, June 2002.